Dear Salvia users…I Had the Same Exact Trip as My Friend?

Question by grandmasta flash: Dear Salvia users…I had the same exact trip as my friend?
Before I begin, salvia is legal in colorado, so please, don’t be stupid.
Yesterday at around midnight me and my roomate each took a hit of salvia. We tripped way hard for the first minute, but half way through we both realized we had the same exact trip. We explained it the best we could while tripping, it was like we were in the same exact bizzare environment, with the same exact effects.

Everything we said to each other made perfect sense, we definately had the same exact trip. I would expain it over this question, but its way too in depth.
How is this even possible? Afterwards we were stunned and boggled about how this happened. Is this because our brain chemistry is similiar? Or our mood was? I’m just amazed how that possiblity could ever even happened

Best answer:

Answer by mr hankey
you sound like a couple of rocket scientist

Answer by JeffM
You induced the same trip by describing it to each other. When hearing what the other was going through you put those ideas into your trip.

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