I Have Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, and Don’t Believe in Evolution! Help!?

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Question by Pedobear: I have drug-resistant Tuberculosis, and don’t believe in evolution! Help!?
My doctor won’t give me Streptomycin because he says it won’t do anything. What do I do?

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Answer by LoisLane82 has low BS tolerance
What dose not believing in evolution have to do with this please?

Edit:Most of the info I found on the drug you are talking about is bad. Hearing loss and lots of studies saying it is ineffective.

Answer by Waseem Safdar
The treatment and prognosis of MDR-TB are much more akin to that for cancer than to that for infection. It has a mortality rate of up to 80%, which depends on a number of factors, including

1. How many drugs the organism is resistant to (the fewer the better),
2. How many drugs the patient is given (Patients treated with five or more drugs do better),
3. Whether an injectable drug is given or not (it should be given for the first three months at least),
4. The expertise and experience of the physician responsible,
5. How co-operative the patient is with treatment (treatment is arduous and long, and requires persistence and determination on the part of the patient),
6. Whether the patient is HIV positive or not (HIV co-infection is associated with an increased mortality).

Treatment courses are a minimum of 18 months and may last years; it may require surgery, though death rates remain high despite optimal treatment. That said, good outcomes are still possible. Treatment courses that are at least 18 months long and which have a directly observed component can increase cure rates to 69%.[55][56]

The treatment of MDR-TB must be undertaken by a physician experienced in the treatment of MDR-TB. Mortality and morbidity in patients treated in non-specialist centres is significantly superior to those patients treated in specialist centres.

In addition to the obvious risks (i.e., known exposure to a patient with MDR-TB), risk factors for MDR-TB include male sex, HIV infection, previous incarceration, failed TB treatment, failure to respond to standard TB treatment, and relapse following standard TB treatment.

Treatment of MDR-TB must be done on the basis of sensitivity testing: it is impossible to treat such patients without this information. If treating a patient with suspected MDR-TB, the patient should be started on SHREZ+MXF+cycloserine pending the result of laboratory sensitivity testing.

A gene probe for rpoB is available in some countries and this serves as a useful marker for MDR-TB, because isolated RMP resistance is rare (except when patients have a history of being treated with rifampicin alone).[57] If the results of a gene probe (rpoB) are known to be positive, then it is reasonable to omit RMP and to use SHEZ+MXF+cycloserine. The reason for maintaining the patient on INH despite the suspicion of MDR-TB is that INH is so potent in treating TB that it is foolish to omit it until there is microbiological proof that it is ineffective.

There are also probes available for isoniazid-resistance (katG[58] and mabA-inhA[59]), but these are less widely available.

When sensitivities are known and the isolate is confirmed as resistant to both INH and RMP, five drugs should be chosen in the following order (based on known sensitivities):

* an aminoglycoside (e.g., amikacin, kanamycin) or polypeptide antibiotic (e.g., capreomycin)
* a fluoroquinolones: moxifloxacin is preferred (ciprofloxacin should no longer be used[60]);
* rifabutin
* cycloserine
* a thioamide: prothionamide or ethionamide
* a macrolide: e.g., clarithromycin
* linezolid
* high-dose INH (if low-level resistance)
* interferon-?
* thioridazine
* meropenem and clavulanic acid[61]

Drugs are placed nearer the top of the list because they are more effective and less toxic; drugs are placed nearer the bottom of the list because they are less effective or more toxic, or more difficult to obtain.

Resistance to one drug within a class generally means resistance to all drugs within that class, but a notable exception is rifabutin: rifampicin-resistance does not always mean rifabutin-resistance and the laboratory should be asked to test for it. It is only possible to use one drug within each drug class. If it is difficult finding five drugs to treat then the clinician can request that high level INH-resistance be looked for. If the strain has only low level INH-resistance (resistance at 1.0 mg/l INH, but sensitive at 0.2 mg/l INH), then high dose INH can be used as part of the regimen. When counting drugs, PZA and interferon count as zero; that is to say, when adding PZA to a four drug regimen, you must still choose another drug to make five. It is not possible to use more than one injectable (STM, capreomycin or amikacin), because the toxic effect of these drugs is additive: if possible, the aminoglycoside should be given daily for a minimum of three months (and perhaps thrice weekly thereafter). Ciprofloxacin should not be used in the treatment of tuberculosis if other fluoroquinolones are available.

A new option is Linezolid with the name of Xvox marketed by Pfizer. Ask your healthcare professional about this drug and your health.

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