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Minnesota Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation

...  among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking according to the American Heart Association. In addition, one in three kids is … Read more on The Herald | HeraldOnline.com (press release)Intervention Center Minneapolis | Drug… Continue reading

Ohio to Require Reporting of Drugaddicted Babies

...  be reported to the state Health Department every three months. Children would not be identified, and the … Read more on WCPOReporting of drug–addicted babies to be Ohio law The legislation is aimed at reducing the state's prescription painkiller… Continue reading

Sell My House Fast|Columbus GA|Midland GA| 7702558835 |Avoid Foreclosure|31909|31820|Waverly Hall GA

...  likely Senate nominee, and Jimmy Carter's grandson Jason, the presumptive … Read more on New York TimesPharmacies Feeling The Financial Pinch As Drug Prices Rise March 30 –As a Georgia Power retiree, Clay Mills has good health insurance… Continue reading

Burger King Bringing Back 'Subservient Chicken'

...  for the support of substance-abuse awareness and anti-drug groups to be part of the “Don't Let Florida Go To Pot” campaign. It also says there has been a spike in crime and traffic accidents in states that have passed… Continue reading

Ohio Lawmakers Pass Bill Requiring Hospitals, Nurseries to Report Drug

...  to 57 months in prison for helping a suspected drug dealer as a way to pay for a gambling addiction. Billups, 48, formerly of Fenwood Drive on the Far East Side, had pleaded … Read more on Columbus DispatchAddiction… Continue reading

Rehab Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

...  than drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Thompson said the high lasts just a few minutes and he often doesn't even remember it. Winnipeg police said they encounter people high on solvents on a daily basis. Read more on… Continue reading