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Virginia Tech Coach Stacy Searels Makes Mark as Hero

...  than 70 people gathered in the basement of the Hoosick Falls Armory on Wednesday night for a special town hall meeting on drug abuse. There was a larger turnout than there were seats available. … The Londonderry, Vt., native… Continue reading

Underage Drinking in Ireland and Its Effects

...  Drinking In Ireland And Its Effects — This is a short video our group did to make awareness on underage drinking in Ireland and how easy it is for young people to get their hands on alcohol and h…… Continue reading

Families Need Recovery When Affected by Substance Abuse – Reach Recovery

...  alcoholism experienced more conflict than families with a non-alcoholic father. But after alcoholic men sought treatment for their addiction, conflict … "Seeking treatment can be … Read more on GlobalPostApril is Alcohol Abuse Awareness Month The National Council… Continue reading

Alcohol Drug Abuse…………..?

...  trying to appeal to my peers (high school) that alcohol drug abuse is bad. What are some good things or facts to say? (I’m just looking for more ideas) Thank you. bleh, it’s late I meant alcohol use abuse… Continue reading

Poor Oxytocin Development Could Be to Blame for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

...  oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 8.7% of the US population aged 12 and… Continue reading

How Has Drug or Alcohol Abuse Affected You?

...  other UK researchers on research topics including fetal-alcohol syndrome, cancer, brain damage, thought processing and the … Read more on Lexington Herald LeaderSuperdrug 'fuels binge drinking' by selling cheap alcopops next to beauty products … before they go out… Continue reading