Drug Addiction?

Question by ebizartistry: Drug addiction?
Why is “Demand Reduction” an elemental part of eliminating the drug problem?

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Answer by Scuba Steve
if there’s no demand for a drug
the drug problem will not exist
because nobody will be buying it

all drugs or only problems because there are always people that will use them
lower or eliminate the demand, and the problem disapeers

Answer by Irene G
A drug addict is the same as an alcoholic. When you are addicted to any thing, you have to remove the source of your addiction and replace it with something else that is more conducive to growth, instead of becoming stagnant. Addictions changes your personality, and esp. the way you think about things. When an addict goes to treatment, they are asked to stay away from their old friends that they done drugs with; find new friends, ones that aren’t using. So “Demand Reduction,” REDUCES the addiction, as their isn’t enough of their addiction source to go around.
You have to “stay off of drugs,” in order to become clean and sober. Every time you reuse you start your addiction all over again.

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