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Will Medicare Pay for Drug Rehab?

...  60s states made homes for these types of people. the state back then had the power to force these people to take their medication, watch over there money, etc. the ACLU dismantled all that leaving these people to the… Continue reading

Georgia Certified Alcohol & Drug Treatment Client Testimonial in Jonesboro, GA

...  appoints 35 to state boards, commissions Carol Bevis, Cabot, reappointed to the Arkansas Public Employees' Retirement System Board of Trustees. Appointment expires March 9, 2018. — Raul Blasini, Pocahontas, reappointed to … Appointment expires March 19, 2023. — Glen… Continue reading

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Drug Courts and Veterans Treatment Courts

...  and Reducing Reci… Following veteran's overdose death, report finds problems at Miami VA drug … A drug abuse rehabilitation program at Miami's Veterans Affairs hospital failed to monitor patients, provide sufficient staff, control access to the facility or even… Continue reading

Honolulu HI Alcohol Rehab Call (888) 444-9143 Alcohol Rehab Center Honolulu Hawaii

...  HI Alcohol Rehab Call (888) 444-9143 Alcohol Rehab Center Honolulu Hawaii — http://alcoholrehabscenter.com/ Call (888) 444-9143 for Alcohol Rehab Centers Now 24/7 Help Discovering The Ideal Alcohol and drug Rehabilitation Centers The… No drugs found in raid that injured… Continue reading

Fast Facts About Some Obstacles to Heroin Sobriety

...  facts about some obstacles to heroin sobriety Treatment facilities are packed. Inpatient rehab is costly. Insurance companies have refused coverage. Addicts looking to get clean from heroin often face an uphill battle. A look at the process, and some… Continue reading

Drug Addiction: Medical and Emotional Help

...  Addiction: Medical and Emotional Help People with a drug addiction need both medical help and emotional support. A conservative view might blame the person, while a very liberal view might attack the drug. In actuality, the only thing that… Continue reading