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Minnesota Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation

Minnesota Senate passes medical marijuana legislation
The legislation, approved by senators on a bipartisan 48-18 vote, would allow patients to use marijuana in the form of pills, oil and vapor to ease their symptoms but would prohibit them from smoking… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Helpline (888) 978-4179

Substance Abuse Helpline (888) 978-4179 — Substance Abuse Helpline – Looking for Substance Abuse Helpline? Call (888) 978-4179 for Substance Abuse Helpline. Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! The…

Leon Valley Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Offers Guidance to… Continue reading

Ohio to Require Reporting of Drugaddicted Babies

Ohio to require reporting of drugaddicted babies
Supporters say tracking the number of drug-addicted babies will help the state monitor Ohio's progress fighting drug addiction. Information would be reported to the state Health Department every three months.… Continue reading

Drug Addiction?

Question by ebizartistry: Drug addiction?
Why is “Demand Reduction” an elemental part of eliminating the drug problem?

Best answer:

Answer by Scuba Steve
if there’s no demand for a drug
the drug problem will not exist… Continue reading

Gone to Pot?

Gone To Pot?
As they gear up for more decriminalization ballot proposals in a widespread campaign across Michigan, pro-marijuana advocates say it's time for “the war on drugs” to end. Anti-marijuana advocates, meanwhile, … “We hope there is no further… Continue reading

Help With Drug Abuse?

Question by Jessie: Help with drug abuse?
My brother has a BIG problem with drugs, my mother and i have cleaned out all of the drugs from his room today and when he gets home he’s gonna… Continue reading