I Want to Live in a Home for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Question by Amanda: I want to live in a home for Borderline Personality Disorder?
I feel like the only thing that would help my BPD is living in a home for some time, getting constant therapy or something. I don’t know how to find one. Can you go to drug rehab homes for this? I’m not addicted to anything, and that seems expensive. Or do they have “homes” for people with mental disorders who are not necessarily contemplating suicide? I do self harm, should I call the police on myself and tell them I’m thinking about suicide? When they saw my arms would that get me into some sort of looney bin? Seriously, I want to go to a looney bin, not necessarily a looney bin but some sort of place where I can live at. Does anyone know about this stuff? I live in Atlanta, GA.
Edit: VOTE COUNTER WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? 75% of people with BPD self harm. You obviously do not know anything about the disorder. BPD’s are suicidal, also. Type BPD into google and two of the criteria that come up are going to be SELF HARMING and SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR ATTEMPTS. Get off my question acting like you know about my disorder when you obviously do not. HAHA! And I wasn’t referring to myself as looney, I have heard those places referred to as “looney bins”, and I obviously do not know what they are called and that is why I was asking the question in the first place! As far as medication goes, it makes my problems worse. Medication is not always the answer, and if it is I would like to be in a LOONEY BIN while taking it, because when I take it on my own it makes my problems worse.

So, to answer your question, the purpose of my question is because I’ve tried everything and I would like to try living in a home as a last resort, you f***ing idiot.
I have a question for YOU vote counter, how in the hell are you a top contributor with a know-nothing answer like that?
Thanks guys! And yes I’ve been in DBT for a long time but it doesn’t seem to help me much. I think I might just try someone new all together. I’ve read that sticking with your DBT person is very important, so I did for a long time, but I think I really do just need someone different.

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Answer by Me
Welll first of all you either get sent there or you can volunteer but I think you will be put on a waiting list and I don’t know if you would have ot pay or not. But I think you condition would have to be causing you problems in your life aswell before they consider you.

Go to your doctor and say you’r having problems

Answer by Tanya
The only thing that I know of that you can do is admit yourself into a mental hospital to be evaluated for suicidal thoughts. When the psychiatrist evaluates you to see if you are mentally stable or not, he/she will then give you choices of what to do next. These could involve staying inpatient at the hospital or something called partial hospitalization (which I’ve done before) where you would stay at a clinic 5 days a week for about 6-8 hours a day. It’s kind of like school, you’d go there every morning, and come back home every evening…Or they’d offer simple outpatient care once a week. I don’t think you can just admit yourself to live in a psychiatric hospital though unless a doctor deems it necessary. Also, yes, these kinds of things are very expensive. I was lucky enough that my insurance covered the partial hospitalization.

And vote counter, holy hell you are an idiot.

EDIT: Vote counter, STFU and take an English course or two before attempting to type ever again, much less doing any “medical research”. You couldn’t “help” a f*cking rat out of a cage. Don’t try to help anyone with a mental disorder. You know nothing.

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