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Good Treatment by Aero-One Aviation, Dothan, AL February 15, 2015

...  April 26, local Comcast employees and their families, friends and community partners will “make change happen” as they volunteer to rehab The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) facility as part of Comcast's 13th … Read more on Dothan FirstFaith… Continue reading

Help With Drug Abuse?

by Thomas Hawk Question by Jessie: Help with drug abuse? My brother has a BIG problem with drugs, my mother and i have cleaned out all of the drugs from his room today and when he gets home he’s gonna… Continue reading

Burger King Bringing Back 'Subservient Chicken'

...  King bringing back 'Subservient Chicken' The hacker changed its profile picture to the McDonald's logo and tweeted messages containing obscenities, references to drug use and racial epithets. Burger King had to … A pop-up alert for a "Missing Chicken… Continue reading

Why Are the Most Conducive Drug Treatment Centers in the United States Situated in Florida?

...  Center is continuing the successful monthly Family Night event at its drug rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The next Family Night will be hosted at Cornerstone's Fort Lauderdale addiction treatment center on Friday … Read more on PR… Continue reading

I’m 16 and I’ve Been Thinking About Cutting Myself again…What Should I Do?

...  South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland before it was shut down by police in January 2013. Police said the syndicate had been operating since 2008 and produced about $ 40 million worth of cannabis a year. Read more on… Continue reading

Drug Abuse?

...  looking for help before you use again. You have done so well so please look for a group meeting or at least call AA or NA and talk to someone. You don’t want to ruin the sobriety from this… Continue reading