Will Medicare Pay for Drug Rehab?

Question by full of folly: will medicare pay for drug rehab?
Today I met a women who I think needs to be in rehab. She is in her 40’s, homeless and a month ago tried to commit suicide taking prescription pills. The hospital kept her a few days and then released her. She showed me all the bottles that her doctor has her on. Morphine, Xanax, and Prozac. She says she has fibromyalgia. She is on disability but does not seem to be able to help herself. Her car has no insurance and still is in the previous owners name because she can’t even manage to transfer the title. She currently is staying in a one room loft with her 22 yr old daughter and son-in-law + child. She is destroying her daughters marriage. Her unemployed husband left her for another women. She is lost, stoned, not capable of making decisions and a burden on her kids. She is really weird when she doesn’t have her drugs. She was evicted from the house she lived in for not paying rent (was there like 10 months). She stayed until the police came, then packed a small suitcase and left. All her household items she left behind. What can her 19 and 22 year old kids do to get her in drug rehab? Can she be declared insane and committed? She lives in CA. Looking for ideas to help the family. The daughter will not kick her out unless she has someplace to go. The 19 yr old son is also homeless and without work, thus useless. The daughter is not worldly enough to know how to help, she is just stressed and trying to hold her and her husbands life together. They both work and now have to find a babysitter for child AND grandmother. Any ideas?

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Answer by Superman
you dont need rehab , you just need to know when enough is enough and grow up already..

stop ruining your body and stop revolving your life around crazy people..

improve yourself.

stop taking pills and all that bull shit

give her some food and some water. dont give her money she will spend it on alcohol and drugs or something like cigaretttes. there is nothing you can do besides give her some food and some water.

stop worrying .

tell those people to seriouslyyy start planning

Answer by AJ
It hurts to care but the truth is unless your willing to figuratively adopt, you might need to really legal adopt so your have the power to force things, there is not much you can do. having said this your watching and helping find solutions might be why your on earth as the spirtualists say.

Back in the 50s & 60s states made homes for these types of people. the state back then had the power to force these people to take their medication, watch over there money, etc. the ACLU dismantled all that leaving these people to the streets. All of this documented on the web.

Want to get mad? Get behind mental health care reform. this same reform will help reduce school shooting too. Good luck to you.

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