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Drug Addiction?

...  to become clean and sober. Every time you reuse you start your addiction all over again.?Exclusive: Drug Implants to Help Address Addiction Among Doctors, Staff Surrounded by medication that can easily be accessed, doctors and other medical workers… Continue reading

Ex-Drug Addict Clean 20yrs Now Needs Morphine for Pain?

...  addictive. However she has recently fractured her spine and the dr is saying she needs disk replacement surgery and morphine. She is refusing both because of her fears that morphine will send her backwards. I’ve tried to convince her… Continue reading

FREE HELP #2 – Drug Addiction & Degenerative Discs…

...  drug dependency. Some may leave the state or seek abortions to … Read more on Chattanooga Times Free PressLearn to Cope offers family support for addictions Besides offering support, Learn to Cope, through a state pilot program, distributes… Continue reading

Burger King Bringing Back 'Subservient Chicken'

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Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Ancora, New Jersey That Offer Affordable Treatment Programs?

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Should I Tell My Friend Why She Didn’t Get Hired for a Job?

...  you know if in California a person can be on disability for morbid obesity? If she could be off work long enough to lose weight so she could walk farther/longer on that bad knee. ANY ideas at all, she’s… Continue reading