Should I Tell My Friend Why She Didn’t Get Hired for a Job?

Question by United Healthcare is greedy: Should I tell my friend why she didn’t get hired for a job?
My friend & I work for United Healthcare, it’s an awful place. Mandatory overtime, very poor benefits, very stressful. My friend also takes care of her aging mother with dementia &raising 2 grandkids because mom/dad are in jail for drugs. She has steadily gained weight over past 12 years, & is now morbidly obese. We started walking last year on 1/1 & she has to go very slow so her knee doesn’t buckle out but does best she can. Our benefits do not cover dietician, gym, meds, gastric bypass, nothing to do with weight(except for bulemia/anoxia which seems unfair as food addiction is an eating disorder too). Went thru 2 doc’s till she found one that helped her set up menu plan of 1800 cals a day. while she was on vacation for 3 weeks(if we don’t use our vacation we lose it) She lost total 18lbs! then back to work & weight loss stopped. Her doctor feels it’s stress, so she decided to look for new job. She has applied at over 30 places, with great resume,,but never gets past interview.
So she applied at my sister’s doctor’s office, it was her & 1 other candidate who didn’t know ICD 9 or how to bill. She was a shoo in for job. She didn’t get it and my sister told me her boss said she would never hire such a fat person because fat people have no charachter..My friend is devasted since my sister told her the other person had no medical insurance experience. Even if she sued, she would have to prove the woman said it. So do I tell her? I think she already knows why she cannot get another job. It’s so sad because this job at United Healthcare is really killing her slowly. Also, do you know if in California a person can be on disability for morbid obesity? If she could be off work long enough to lose weight so she could walk farther/longer on that bad knee. ANY ideas at all, she’s a great lady & I see how hard she is trying, and want to help.

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Answer by inchca
I also work for this eh hem…looking for a ladylike word..ah gee cannot think of one, so you know my opine of them. I agree our benefits are awful. It amazes me how if obese people were drug addicts,,then they would pay for rehab, but when you are overweight it some type of taboo. Its insane how UHC thinks and works and I am sorry for your mom.
On to answer your question, I wouldnt tell her, especially if you think she already knows, it’d just hurt her more.

Answer by Tim L

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