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I Have Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, and Don’t Believe in Evolution! Help!?

...  modified … Novartis has devoted $ 20 million to building a research center on Penn's campus in hopes to eventually bring a drug to market using the CART treatment. Read more on Guardian Liberty VoiceDrug Treatment Centers… Continue reading

Get Out, and Stay Out, of the Hospital

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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Website That Evaluates or Rates Drug Treatment Centers?

...  by Hippycryt: Does anyone know where I can find a website that evaluates or rates drug treatment centers? I’m looking for something like consumer reports but for rehab. Thank you. Does The Joint Commision help? I’ve looked at… Continue reading

Why Are the Most Conducive Drug Treatment Centers in the United States Situated in Florida?

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Killer Klansman Was Federal Snitch

...  Dees 9 (head of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama); 50 for influential Jews, race traitors, politicians and judges, informants, government witnesses; 25 for abortionists; 20 for white race traitors, skalawags, carpetbaggers and … Read more on Daily… Continue reading

Rehab Centers Sometimes Don’t Teach the Truth!

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