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I Have Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, and Don’t Believe in Evolution! Help!?

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by JARM13

Question by Pedobear: I have drug-resistant Tuberculosis, and don’t believe in evolution! Help!?
My doctor won’t give me Streptomycin because he says it won’t do anything. What do I do?

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HIV AIDS Medicines and Treatment – Episode 6

HIV AIDS Medicines and Treatment – Episode 6 — HIV AIDs medication is antiretroviral therapy (ART) which is a life long treatment to improve the health of an HIV positive patient significantly. Learn how …

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Drug Detoxing : Will They Take Me Off All My Drugs at the Same Time?

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Question by Alexander: Drug detoxing : will they take me off all my drugs at the same time?
Okay so firstly try not to judge me too much I know I’m a screwed up junkie, but there’s point… Continue reading