Drug Rehab Centers That Dont Cost an Arm and Leg?

Question by P: drug rehab centers that dont cost an arm and leg?
im looking for affordable drug treatment centers down south or out west. ive talked to a few but they cost too much money. i only have 10 grand to play around with and i need a place that does payment plans. also i need oxy cotin treatment centerss

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Answer by Christopher W
try looking up methadone treatment centers just type that and your towns name into the search engine

Answer by raysny
Rehabs don’t do payment plans because most people relapse and they’d never get paid. Most people go on insurance or through Social Services/Medicaid.

Rehabs have only a slightly better success rate than 12step meetings, which are usually estimated at 4-7%.

So what does work?:
(note AA is listed #38)

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