I Need Help! if Any One in the Mental Health or Insurance Industry Can Help You Could Be Saving a Life. ?

Question by TayTay: I need help! If any one in the mental health or insurance industry can help you could be saving a life. ?
Hi. I am 17 years old and I suffer from bipolar, depression, ADHD, and drug/alcohol addiction. I’ve been in an acute inpatient facility three times since this past July with my last time being in late October early November. I was put into an inpatient facility because my drug binges were so bad that I was continuously overdosing on drugs and getting alcohol poisoning in hopes that I would die. I’ve been sexually assaulted by my brother, my cousin, and one other guy that I didnt know and raped by one of my guy friends. I watched my neighbor get murdered which was also very traumatic. I am not some whiny teenager who wants to kill themselves over small stuff. I am severally mentally ill and despite numerous of psychiatrists, phsychologists, and family/friend letters and recommendations for me to get out in a long term residential treatment center my insurance company has denied me any more treatment even at an outpatient facility. My parents can’t afford to pay for me to go into a long term facility but between me having a severe drug addiction to coke, meth/heroin based ecstasy, and downers and my mental illnesses I really believe that I need help as soon as soon as possible. What can I do? Are there any free inpatient treatment centers? Is there anyway I can force mybinsurance company to cooperate with us (even though we tried 3 time)? I am extreamly in danger of dying and I need legitement help. I live in Texas. Please help me I beg you to help me.

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Answer by c.m
i really hope you get the help you need

Answer by Beth Holland
Wow Uhm..I don’t know:/ I’m sure they would work something out for you!!

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