Looking for a One Month Drug Rehab Program in Southeast USA for My Little Brother Who Is Addicted to Oxycontin?

Question by myz113: Looking for a one month Drug Rehab program in Southeast USA for my little brother who is addicted to oxycontin?
Hi, please let me know about any 1-6 month drug rehab programs preferably in Florida or the southeast USA that rehabilitates addicts, specifically oxycontin. My brother is only 19 and needs treatment ASAP. Also, I am looking for something low cost / free / income based as I can only come up with about $ 2-3k. Any and all free ones anywhere in the country you know about would also be great. Thanks for the help.

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Answer by Skierchick
He needs more than once a month. Maybe insurace would help like a 30 day program or something. I would call the Department of Corrections in your state and ask them. It all depends on the state you are in. Maybe call Intervention? They will pay your way! Good luck! There are a few in AZ, some in California, lots in Colorado, etc.

Answer by Katlady
I am from New England, but I can tell you right now that NO treatment will work on him unless he wants to be clean. Until you find a place, he should go to as many Narcotics Anonymous meetings as possible-NA.org because for long term, he has to be in some kind of regular program, and that’s the best one. He may need help detoxing for a few days, but other than that, there isn’t much rehab can do for you unless you are willing to be clean, and stay away from any person, place, or thing that is a trigger to use drugs. Good luck, you can also go to Al-Anon yourself for support.

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