Where Can I Put My Mom Into a Free Rehab Program?

Question by Stealth: Where can I put my mom into a free rehab program?
Here’s the full story: My mother is an RN, very knowledgeable with prescription drugs and although she’s never had an addiction with anything drug related, she shows signs of hypochondria, somataform disorder and pretty darn close to Munchhausen syndrome. She recently just had a mental breakdown related to being “reborn” and saying she was “saved.” She was caring for my grandmother at the time who is nearing the end of her life and my family and I know that she can no longer care for her in the state that my mom is in because she is a danger to herself and my grandmother. She was baker acted because of her attack and taken to the hospital. After receiving medical care, they had her evaluated by a psychiatrist who believes that she is now normal. If she returns home, we fear that she may have another breakdown as she has always been anxious and a borderline schizophrenic. I love my mom and I don’t want to institutionalize her because she would probably turn suicidal. My mom is divorced, receives $ 350/week in alimony, is up to her eyeballs in debt (so we would like to have her declare bankruptcy) and she has no insurance. Where do we go from here if they let her out of the hospital without any treatment program? Our [extended] family does not have enough money to send her to any rehab center and the only one I found was a Salvation Army ARC in Jacksonville or Orlando, Fl. She is based in Ocala. Any immediate help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Answer by Jiggley
i would suggest going to addiction services and ask them, they’d know better than anyone i would think.

Answer by Alison
If she is institutionalized they have a responsibility to medicate her properly and make sure that she cannot kill herself. That is the closest thing to a free, ideal situation that you can hope for for your mother, unfortunately. Our country does not take mental health problems seriously and provides no free assistance to keep them safe or out of institutions.
You might try consulting with a pastor/priest in a church of the type through which she was “saved.” There might be some free counseling available through the denomination which would have some sway with your mother given her convictions. Churches are usually accustomed to dealing with mentally ill people and could do her some good.

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