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Where Can I Put My Mom Into a Free Rehab Program?

Question by Stealth: Where can I put my mom into a free rehab program?
Here’s the full story: My mother is an RN, very knowledgeable with prescription drugs and although she’s never had an addiction with anything drug related, she… Continue reading

Steele County Sees Increase in STD Rate in 2013, Local Health Officials

Steele County sees increase in STD rate in 2013, local health officials
OWATONNA — Steele County is following a statewide trend of increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases, according to a recent report from the Minnesota Department of health.… Continue reading

Ohio Lawmakers Pass Bill Requiring Hospitals, Nurseries to Report Drug

Ohio lawmakers pass bill requiring hospitals, nurseries to report drug
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Hospital maternity units and newborn care nurseries would have to report the number of infants born addicted to drugs under a bill headed to Ohio's governor.… Continue reading

New Jersey Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

New Jersey Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Heroin Addicts Face Barriers To Treatment
In the course of Marchese's five-year battle with heroin, the Blackwood, N.J., man was repeatedly denied admission to treatment facilities, often because his insurance company wouldn't cover… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment –

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Getting your fix: Technology addiction
She compares online addiction to drugs or alcohol, because the Internet provides addicts with the same kind of 'high' and they become dependent on it… Continue reading

A Look at the Many Ways Bollywood Mishandles Mental Health

A Look at the Many Ways Bollywood Mishandles Mental Health
This movie's shortcomings lie in its failure to properly portray alcoholism as a disease — a medical condition with both physical and mental components of alcohol dependence that requires proper… Continue reading