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Is There a Drug Rehab Center in Bloomington, California?

Question by greg: Is there a drug rehab center in Bloomington, California?
My uncle Randy told me that he plans to enter a drug rehabilition center. He said that he wants to get over with his heroin… Continue reading

Dear Salvia users…I Had the Same Exact Trip as My Friend?

Question by grandmasta flash: Dear Salvia users…I had the same exact trip as my friend?
Before I begin, salvia is legal in colorado, so please, don’t be stupid.
Yesterday at around midnight me and my roomate each took a hit… Continue reading

Can Anyone Give Me Info on a Treatment Center Located in Honolulu, Hawaii Called First Lap?

Question by ANTICIPATION: Can anyone give me info on a treatment center located in Honolulu, Hawaii called First Lap?

Best answer:

Answer by Maui Jon
It is at
2106 Palolo Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816-3023
(808) 739-2242

They do a non-12-step… Continue reading

09 July Dáil Priority Question Community Employment Drugs Rehabilitation Programme

09 July Dáil Priority Question Community Employment Drugs Rehabilitation Programme — Maureen O’Sullivan TD asking questions in Dáil of Minister for Social Protection’s improvement in Community Employment Drugs Rehabilitation Programmes. How m…

Girls Season Three: “Has Anyone Ever Taught You… Continue reading

I Know Someone Who Is Addicted to Meth and Needs Help. How Much Does Inpatient/residential Drug Rehab Cost?

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by Burns!

Question by Link: I know someone who is addicted to meth and needs help. How much does inpatient/residential drug rehab cost?

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Answer by impurrfect10
It all depends if they have insurance and what type of insurance.… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by MrSandman: Drug rehab programs?
Can you tell me if drug rehab programs are successful in the UK and what is the cost per week to the taxpayer or addict to receive treatment? I understand that the costs might… Continue reading